Data Preparation

import, filter + clean data

ROBIOTIC.RICO - the data pipeline

How can the data stream tapped from machines, devices and objects be made usable for the customer?

With ROBIOTIC.RICO® we are leveraging the promising potential of Big Data for our customers. We collect and import data sets, which are then intelligently stored, processed, filtered and evaluated in the next step - our data pipeline, in which we clean up the data. This is the only way they can add value and form the basis for new, disruptive business models - from "big data" to "smart data".

ROBIOTIC.RICO® is the intelligent software architecture that processes all amounts of information quickly and securely. ROBIOTIC.RICO® collects sensor and machine data centrally in the cloud (Amazon Web Services & Google), where they are available for further evaluation and visualization.

Data Preparation


Scalable performance

Depending on the project, ROBIOTIC.RICO® works with different service providers, but at the same time is very fast and infinitely scalable. It doesn't matter whether the data is evaluated from one sensor/device or one million sensors/devices: there is no limit to the number of data streams, any amount of data can be reliably implemented. The service provided adapts individually and flexibly to the current demand and is paid according to use.

Data Preparation

standard cloud solutions

Standard cloud solutions via our partners

ROBIOTIC's solution approach is not proprietary, but based on the proven standard web applications of strong, established partners and is therefore compatible with all future developments.

As a customer, you benefit from our partner network with the global players Salesforce, SAP, Siemens and Microsoft: State-of-the-art cloud solutions ensure seamless integration into your system landscape. For meaningful, intelligent evaluations and rapid integration, adapted to the individual business case. The data is backed up in German data centers.

Depending on requirements, additional sales, marketing and service capacities are available via the cloud systems of the ROBIOTIC partners. Customers obtain this cloud power directly via ROBIOTIC via an Internet browser, without having to conclude additional license agreements. The Community Cloud thus enables simple, fast access to all processed data and information from the IoT environment and its seamless further processing.



Reliable Cloud Hosting according to GDPR

If you install and operate your own server hardware for your IoT project, this can quickly become very expensive. Especially if maintenance, updates and redundant transmission hardware lead to additional costs.

ROBIOTIC.RICO relies on reliable cloud hosting and uses professional, standardized offers from its partners: We take care of security, high-performance and failure-proof transmission, high availability, suitable memory sizes, backups, export interfaces and latency times.

You can efficiently access all data from your business software, view evaluations via mobile devices and easily administer access rights. Of course, we guarantee compatibility with the valid GDPR standards, including all documentation and information requirements.

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