Data Analysis

Intelligent Data Analysis

Big Data - Maximum customer benefit from prepared data

When it comes to data analysis, the greatest expertise is required. Here, speed, scalability, security and simple data management are particularly important. ROBIOTIC offers exactly that: We have developed an intelligent architecture that processes all amounts of information quickly and securely. In the interests of our customers, we make sure that the individual components are assembled in an affordable way and, last but not least, that the desired result is achieved.

Data Analysis

The Cloud

Central data storage in the cloud

ROBIOTIC.RICO collects the sensor and machine data centrally and cheaply in the cloud (Amazon Web Services & Google) according to the valid GDPR standards: Our solution approach is not proprietary, but based on proven standard web applications and is therefore compatible with all future developments.

All data volumes are thus optimally available for further evaluation and visualization. All data can be accessed online 24/7 at any time, the data of individual and grouped sources are displayed to the corresponding user in the appropriate format via desktop or mobile device at any time.

Data Analysis

Rules Engine

Rules Engine - define rules, apply rules and draw conclusions

We take care of the intelligent analysis of the data: We use individual rules engines to define processes, set rules and draw conclusions as to how data can be condensed meaningfully. In this way, ROBIOTIC.RICO provides centrally controlled, compiled notification functions for the automation and administration of business rules.

These rule definitions are stored, but can be adapted over the duration of the project if required. The core of our Rules Engines is the automated execution of rules. Keyword meaningful, rule-based data handling: ROBIOTIC.RICO uses for example time summaries, groups of sensor data as average values, incremental changes and much more. Depending on the project, we also use additional external data such as weather data.

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