Complete SIM card management from a single source

The use of mobile communication technology for data transmission that is not location-based and can be used worldwide naturally means that contractual agreements, a large number of SIM cards and regular billing play an important role. But don't worry: Our holistic approach includes the complete administration and billing of SIM cards, including the calculation of fees to in-house cost centers or to customers and third parties.




Here we give you a clear performance promise: We take over the complete logistics for you: storage, quality and quantity control, picking, packaging, delivery, returns processing and comprehensive reporting. You can rely on an efficient distribution chain and reliable, delay-free dispatch processing.



Secure implementation

We develop your individually adapted SIM card management processes on the basis of your use case and taking into account the appropriate M2M platforms. In this way, we optimally take care of the secure implementation of the required SIM cards. Interface analyses, support, analysis and processing of incidents including ticket system, continuous optimization of ongoing operations: our integrated service management guarantees the smooth running of your IoT project.

SIM Card


Reliable SIM card handling

We provide integrated SIM card handling. This means: We guarantee complete tracking of all serial numbers including serial number validation. We also take care of the activation of the SIM card and, if necessary, take care of a necessary exchange.


billing model

Comprehensive billing model

We guarantee transparent, detailed and comprehensive billing of your IoT services to your end customers. Completely scalable and independent of the type of calculation, be it daily, monthly, usage- or event-based. For this purpose we develop multi-level and dynamically configurable billing systems for you, which we adapt to your company's internal sales structures. Depending on your needs, we can assign any number of devices to different regions, form different recipient groups, integrate scales and credit notes and create collective invoices. All this guarantees a clear and reliable allocation of revenues for all business partners: service providers, dealers, end customers, etc.

A special know-how is the integration of micropayment: payment processes that run automatically and are mapped silently in your accounting. This allows you to benefit from even the smallest amounts without burdening your own internal structures.

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