The financial added value for your IoT project

The moment when your IoT project becomes a business case: With our extensive know-how in the field of payment, we realize and guarantee the optimal commercial utilization of your collected and analyzed data. ROBIOTIC is the only IoT service provider on the market that comprehensively covers the complex topic of payment.


billing models

Multi-level billing models for your income

We develop multi-level and dynamically configurable billing systems, which we adapt individually to your company's internal sales structures. Depending on your needs, we can assign any number of devices to different regions, form different recipient groups and integrate scales. All this guarantees a transparent, reliable allocation of revenues for all business partners: service providers, dealers, end customers, departments, users, etc.



Granular Billing & Differentiated Calculation

For each project, we deliver the transparent invoicing of all IoT services to the end customer. Fully scalable and independent of the type of calculation - daily, monthly, usage or event-based. Depending on your needs and business case, we can break down and subdivide the calculations down to the smallest detail: Departments, dealers, partners, end customers, periods, use, events etc. You get a detailed, understandable overview of all booking levels you require.



Automated invoicing & micropayment

We integrate micropayment solutions into the billing models for your IoT project: payment processes that run automatically and are mapped silently into your accounting system - so you can profit from even the smallest amounts without burdening your own internal structures.


Commission models

Commission models & billing services

Regardless of whether you as a manufacturer supply the end customer directly or work via multi-level structures - we map your desired model, implement commission models, automate multi-level commission accounting in collective format and integrate credit notes as required. Our commission models and billing services are as diverse as possible IoT applications themselves: On request, we also integrate the end customer into the IoT project and enable him to view data free of charge or subject to a fee.

In addition, we can also configure alarm messages and notifications and make them available for a fee - billing then takes place directly in the (mobile) web application: The customer is requested to pay a flat-rate service fee or a usage-based fee for each selected time period; payment processing is handled via an integrated module. If you wish, we can take over the evaluation for you and invoice you in full or in several stages by means of a monthly collective invoice as a bank transfer. You will see: The booking effort for you remains minimal regardless of the number of customers and the individual transactions.

If you are courageous enough, we can take the principle one step further for you: Provide your customer with a machine at a reduced price and calculate the use of the system using the operating and consumption data transmitted via the IoT solution. Change your business model from a one-time sale of a plant to a permanent income: Your sales department retains insight into all relevant data in order to offer the customer the right model or proactively change it. A win-win business model for all involved!



customer support

Depending on the size of the IoT project and the need for implementation, we offer you a comprehensive range of proven, innovative call center services. Friendly, competent employees provide the necessary supplementary support on an outsourced basis: order hotline, Click2Call, user help desk and more. On request, we can also support you with various written services such as mailings, full service direct mailings, payment reminders, etc.

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