Seamless data integration into existing system landscape

The connectivity of IoT data to customers' ERP/CRM systems is the key to developing and implementing new, innovative business models.


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Integration of data into existing merchandise management systems - ERP/CRM

Another fundamental success factor! Without a valid online connection to the internal customer structures, the next decisive step within the IoT process chain is inconceivable: the evaluation of the complete collected data material. "Big Data" becomes "Smart Data". And it stands for intelligent changes and the automated triggering of processes in the existing ERP/CRM system.



Integration of data in standard platforms: Salesforce Heroku / Microsoft / SAP / Siemens Mindsphere

We are partners of Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and Siemens. This gives us access to their proven standard cloud platforms, and we cover the large systems with our own know-how. Of course, we can also connect other systems on request.

ROBIOTIC makes it easy for you and supports you in setting up a suitable IoT platform: We make suggestions for the selection of the right services, integrate them optimally into the overall solution and take care of an ideal configuration according to the requirements of the respective IoT scenario. Whether data backup services, analysis software, service management tools for managing the connected devices - ROBIOTIC combines the most diverse services for you! In one platform, from one source.

In the cloud platform, the large amounts of data are analyzed according to defined rules and made available for customer-specific applications. In this way, automated reactions can then be triggered. Individual, rule-based IoT data models can be viewed and adjusted via the Community Cloud. If machines exceed a certain temperature value, for example, they can be switched off and a support team automatically receives a ticket via the service cloud to carry out a check.

The functions available and the intelligence of the solutions offer limitless possibilities for translating the collected IoT data into sales, marketing and service measures. The standardized cloud-based applications can be easily customized - for every customer in every industry.



Connection of data via API

Using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) developed in-house, ROBIOTIC ensures a tailor-made connection of the data to your systems. The easy integration of any third-party software via APIs and problem-free rights management are an important argument: The flexibility and openness of common standard software products and platforms offer almost infinite possibilities for any neighboring applications. The APIs developed by us ensure seamless integration into the system landscape of all our customers.

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