Safety First for your data

If you collect your data for an IoT project only on your premises, you may be able to build your own network infrastructure. However, if your sensor data is collected globally across multiple countries and across multiple sites or areas, then mobile technology is the only technology that can be used for data transmission.

For the optimum implementation of IoT projects, a globally functioning, reliable machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is an essential component. The reliable transmission of collected data requires an absolutely secure transmission medium. Here ROBIOTIC relies entirely on mobile communication technology: via the established networks we establish a connection that cannot be attacked from outside. The standard integrated encryption algorithms already cover all required security aspects.




Within the IoT process chain, the "data transmission" component is of crucial importance. ROSI, our ROBIOTIC sensor interface, is the powerful, specially developed hardware for IoT applications. ROSI is a battery-powered or continuously operated IoT gateway system and communicates with our proprietary cloud via an integrated modem equipped with an M2M SIM card.

With its stable and robust housing (IP65), ROSI is an ideal gateway for any environment and can also be equipped with a variety of sensors or connections to different bus systems. In this way, virtually any type of information can be securely transmitted to the cloud service.



Secure Data Transmission Via Mobile Communication Technology – GSM/LTE

ROBIOTIC uses M2M SIM cards in connection with standard hardware and couples the SIM card with the IMEI number of the modem. This prevents the card from being removed and used by others. The transmission of machine or sensor data is encrypted using standardized and proven transmission protocols with a security concept: depending on the business case, MQTT (TCP/IP-based) or HSPP2 (UDP-based).


Narrow Band

Innovative Transmission Standards – Narrow Band IoT & VPN

A look into the near future: The special LP-WAN standard "Narrow Band" (NB)-IoT is a wireless network that is specially designed for low energy consumption, small data volumes and transmission over long distances as well as deep into buildings. NB-IoT hardware is characterized by low energy consumption and therefore also operates on battery power for several years. ROBIOTIC already makes this new technology, which causes significantly lower costs, available as standard and integrates it into IoT projects. With NB-IoT, the connection to the IoT cloud and the processes based on it is still fully guaranteed.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to set up an encrypted virtual network that enables tamper-proof data exchange.



Plug & Play

Here, secure does mean simple: Due to the plug & play operation of M2M-GSM, no local network access at your partner or customer is necessary; also a complex installation or maintenance is omitted. From our point of view, Plug & Play is the right solution for the integration of data transmission from IoT Devices, which can be distributed globally and mobile at different locations: Mobile communication technology is the only transmission technology that guarantees almost 100% secure and reliable data transmission.



Strong Partner Network

Through TK-World AG, ROBIOTIC can benefit from 20 years of experience in the telecommunications business and long-term partnerships with global players such as Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. ROBIOTIC can rely on a strong network that guarantees many advantages: Access to exclusive tariffs and roll-outs, fraud detection & protection, cloud-based data storage. Everything is complemented by uncomplicated integration of any software via APIs and problem-free rights management. Installation and maintenance of additional hardware on site is not necessary. This solution approach ensures you individual cost control.



Development of APIs – secure connection to network orperators

The use of location-independent, globally applicable mobile communication technology for data transmission within the framework of IoT projects means that contractual agreements with the respective network operators play a major role. We also take care of this and build the perfect bridge with automated data processing: Our holistic approach includes the complete administration and billing of the SIM cards used.

Due to our more than 20 years of partnership with the global players in the telecommunications industry, we have a direct line to the network providers and can thus not only bring out top conditions: Using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) developed in-house, we also provide tailor-made connections to your systems, guaranteeing a high degree of flexibility and openness for neighbouring applications such as ERP.



Collective Billing & Detailed Invoices According To Customer Specifications

ROBIOTIC guarantees transparent, detailed and comprehensive billing of your IoT services to your end customers. Completely scalable and independent of the type of calculation, be it daily, monthly, usage- or event-based. For this purpose, we develop multi-level and dynamically configurable billing systems for you, which we adapt to your company's internal sales structures. Depending on your needs, we can assign any number of devices to different regions, form different recipient groups, integrate scales and credit notes and create collective invoices. All this guarantees a clear distribution of revenues for all business partners: service providers, dealers, end customers, etc.

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