Intelligent Data Analysis with ROBIOTIC.RICO®

Our comprehensive analytical capabilities make the difference. This is the core competence that no competitor can offer: the intelligent, holistic, fast and secure processing and analysis of the collected and processed data, no matter to what extent.

ROBIOTIC.RICO® is the heart of our service, the actual intelligence within the IoT process chain - the ROBIOTIC IoT Core. As a cloud platform, ROBIOTIC.RICO® combines all our capabilities in one product.



ROBIOTIC.RICO - the data pipeline

With ROBIOTIC.RICO® we are leveraging the promising potential of Big Data for our customers. We collect and import data sets, which are intelligently stored, processed, filtered and evaluated in the next step: ROBIOTIC.RICO® is our data pipeline in which we clean up the data. These then form the basis for new, disruptive business models - from "Big Data" to "Smart Data".

ROBIOTIC.RICO® is the intelligent software architecture that collects all sensor and machine data centrally and securely in the cloud (Amazon Web Services & Google), where they are available for further evaluations and visualizations. ROBIOTIC.RICO® is infinitely scalable. It does not matter whether the data is evaluated from one sensor/device or one million sensors/devices: there is no limit to the number of data streams. The performance adapts flexibly and scalably to the demand, and is paid according to use.

ROBIOTIC's solution approach is not proprietary, but based on the proven standard web applications of our established partners Salesforce, SAP, Siemens and Microsoft. Their state-of-the-art cloud solutions ensure seamless, secure integration into your system landscape.

You do not need to install and operate your own server hardware for your IoT project - which can lead to high additional costs through maintenance, updates and redundant transmission hardware. ROBIOTIC.RICO® relies on reliable cloud hosting via established partners: We take care of security, high-performance and fail-safe transmission, high availability, suitable memory sizes, backups, export interfaces and latency times. You can efficiently access all data from your business software, view evaluations via mobile devices and easily administer access rights. Of course, we guarantee compatibility with the valid GDPR standards.

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Draw conclusions & Rules Engine: Maximum customer benefit from prepared data

Speed, scalability, security and easy data management. ROBIOTIC.RICO® prepares all quantities of information quickly and securely. Then we take care of the intelligent analysis: Using individual Rules Engine, we define specific processes, set rules and draw conclusions on how data can be condensed meaningfully. In this way, we provide centrally controlled, compiled notification functions for the automation and administration of business rules. These rule definitions are stored, but can be customized over the life of the project.

For rule-based data handling, ROBIOTIC.RICO® uses, for example, time summaries, groups of sensor data as average values, incremental changes and much more. Depending on the project, we also use additional external data.

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Trigger processes: Correct consequences and implications

ROBIOTIC.RICO® draws the right consequences and implications on the basis of the analyzed and processed data. We take care of the software-based process optimization and the task-related processing of all relevant data in the cloud. We define different scenarios (What happens if...?) and the resulting process steps. Right from the start, we focus specifically on possible disruptive approaches that completely change a business process that is still established today and thus give our customers a decisive competitive advantage. This is why we integrate existing and new sales, service and analysis processes into the overall concept from the outset. Thus IoT becomes a "Game Changer" for your company, so "Big Data" becomes "Smart Data"!

After checking and interpreting the results of the data analyses, decisions are made based on them, processes are automated and predefined processes are initiated. Here is a brief example: In the customer's ERP system, a repeat order is automatically triggered as soon as a silo level falls below the threshold value. The triggering of processes and the setting of impulses is often associated with concrete team instructions:

  • Tickets
  • Automated use cases for sales, marketing and service
  • Marketing Automation for Greater Efficiency
The dashboard frontend provides the customer with optimized visualized information: ROBIOTIC.RICO® provides drill-down capable, detailed and dynamic reports via a clearly arranged, responsive cockpit.

Predictive analytics is the future-oriented analysis of data series based on statistical methods, predictive models, machine learning and data mining. Companies can use mass data in this way, for example, to obtain valuable information about the status of machines and to initiate predictive maintenance processes. Companies replace rigid service cycles with flexible maintenance intervals based on actual wear and tear.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next foreseeable evolutionary step: AI will make huge amounts of data manageable in the future. Artificial intelligence - based on the functionality of predictive functions - identifies trends, draws conclusions and thus enables foresighted analyses into the future. ROBIOTIC sees a high potential for different applications at this point.

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