SIM card management in IoT

At a glance

Many IoT applications require that devices can communicate reliably with each other even without Wi-Fi. For this reason, mobile radio technology is increasingly being used to ensure stable communication from anywhere.

SIM cards for IoT devices

Whenever smart devices need to communicate with the outside world, the question arises: How do they get into the Internet? For many devices, especially in private households, the private Wi-Fi is perfectly sufficient. These are applications in which a temporary failure of the Internet connection is annoying but can be tolerated. However, there are many scenarios in which a smart device should be reliably accessible in order to ensure smooth operation. Example: Measuring devices that must pass on data regularly should not be prevented from communicating due to an unreliable network. The solution is SIM cards, which are permanently installed in the corresponding devices by the manufacturer. This allows you to use the mobile phone technology, which is available in most cases throughout the country, to communicate online. SIM card management deals with the management of these built-in SIM cards.

Global M2M communication platform

Part of smart SIM card management is to create a unified M2M communication platform. Devices with an M2M SIM can freely dial into the locally available network. This allows mobile communications to be used independently of a specific provider. This is important so that devices can connect reliably to the mobile Internet regardless of their location. In theory, it is possible to use IoT devices with integrated SIM cards all over the world - at least if the network coverage allows this and the mobile network operators on site support the platform.

Application example

There is one example from Great Britain where SIM card management has already been in use for some time: around 28 million modern smart meters with integrated SIM cards have so far been successfully integrated into the communication network there.

Smart meter
Intelligent meters or smart meters are networked measuring devices that measure electricity consumption in a household like conventional electricity meters. The new, smart electricity meters automatically forward your measured values online and use mobile radio for this purpose. In addition, you automatically receive information such as changed electricity tariffs and provide the consumer with information on current and past electricity consumption. Thanks to the integrated SIM card, the devices can be used independently of the other infrastructure and used to their full extent.

SIM card management as one of ROBIOTIC's core competencies

Networking devices in the Internet of things through intelligent SIM card management is one of ROBIOTIC's core competencies. Our holistic approach of ROBIOTIC.CONCEPT also includes a comprehensive SIM card management from one source.
In order to realize the IoT projects of our customers, we take care of the administration and billing of the SIM cards. The calculation of fees to internal company cost centers or to customers and third parties is also included here.

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