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Smart Product

SpillGuard connect

Smart leakage warning system

SpillGuard connect® - The revolutionary hazardous substance leakage warning system

Together with DENIOS GmbH, we have developed the first warning system that is completely self-sufficient in detecting any leakage in any collection tray and, in the event of a leakage, sends an SMS or e-mail to one or more recipients in addition to acoustic and visual signals.

All leak detectors in use can be centrally monitored via our "DENIOS connect" web application - including the display of ambient temperature and battery status. Thanks to the automatically generated test report, the legally required proof of seamless monitoring is also provided.

Equipped with mobile narrowband IoT and a long-life battery, the SpillGuard connect® is not dependent on a local Internet or power supply and is therefore not subject to any restrictions for its place of use. The SpillGuard connect® has approval for ATEX Zone 0 and can be used in any containment sump between temperatures of 0 to 40 °C.

smart Product



ROSI – ROBIOTIC-Sensor-Interface

Within the IoT process chain, the first two components "Sensor" and "Transmission" are of decisive importance. ROSI, our ROBIOTIC-Sensor-Interface, is the specially developed hardware for the first two components, perfectly suited for IoT applications. ROSI is a battery or cotinuously powered IoT Gateway System with SIM-card and mobile internet connection, communicating with our proprietary cloud via an integrated modem equipped with an M2M SIM card.

With its stable and ruggedized case (IP65 protection class rating) ROSI could be used as gateway for any kind of sensor in an industrial environment: e.g. fill level monitoring in vending machines (retrofit as well as newly designed), surveillance applications for flood protection, door contact detection in remote buildings, as a gate-way from an internal bus system to the internet, or any other application. There are no limits!

As ROSI can be assembled with a variety of sensors or connections to different bus-systems, virtually any kind of information can be sent to a cloud service.

smart Product


Smarter Bierdeckel

SmartCall – The intelligent beverage coaster

Together with RASTAL, the inventor and leading manufacturer of exclusive glasses for worldwide known brands in the beverage industry and Hoffmann+Krippner GmbH we have developed the product "Smart Call".

The SmartCall system detects the fill level of the glass and informs the service staff or the counter staff. This means that a new drink can be offered at the right time.

The system enables real-time interaction with the consuments. Additionally, via the beverage brands’ loyalty programs, it provides with marketing measures according to special target groups during the direct consumption situation.

NFC technology for communication between table, beer mat and glass and mobile data communication with the system form the technical basis.

The SmartCall wins "German Innovation Award Special"

smart Product


GPS Barcodescanner

HeliscanPlus Barcodescanner

Thanks to the integrated 2D scanner, the HeliscanPlus barcode scanner not only captures barcodes, but also the current GPS position. The built-in modem enables data to be transfered directly to the cloud via mobile communications.

The HeliscanPlus also supports a camera module as an optimal supplement. This has a powerful flash that ensures good pictures even in poor lighting conditions.

The high-resolution display together with the illuminated foil keyboard makes the HeliscanPlus the perfect device for logistics and data acquisition.

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MaidSafe Barcode Scanner

MaidSafe Barcode Scanner - smarter, efficient and productive hotel housekeeping made safe

The mobile barcode scanner, available in the US, can do it all: keep (1) staff safe, (2) rooms clean, (3) guests happy, and (4) operations smooth.

A discretely located barcode outside of the room is scanned, showing the Property Management System (PMS) that cleaning procedures have begun. When housekeeping leaves the room, they scan again, showing the room has been completed. As a result, the front desk and operations team can see an indicator of all rooms that are ready at any given time, ensuring guests need not wait longer than necessary to get into a clean room.

If cleaning staff encounter a potentially unsafe situation, the push of the panic button alerts security staff or the front desk. Since the device will have already scanned the room’s barcode, security will know the exact location and can send someone to investigate immediately.

In short, the MaidSafe barcode scanner helps clean rooms, clean up operational efficiency and respond to dirty-minded guests who might threaten staff members, all in one.

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