The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is the engine of the future of a constantly changing digital society. Some business experts even go so far as to speak of a fourth industrial revolution. So it's not a question of whether IoT applications will establish themselves, but when companies will understand this disruptive technology, implement it consistently and thus open up new business models. And whether they can successfully meet this challenge and remain competitive depends crucially on the partners they bring on board.

One thing should be clear right from the start: The integration of IoT into existing business processes is complex. And for the solution of complex tasks it makes no sense to look for a standard offer "off the peg". It is important to work with the right service provider right from the start. 

But how do decision-makers find the right partner? What should a company expect from an IoT service provider? The ideal partner focuses specifically on customer needs, has sound experience and is therefore in a position to intelligently combine the right technology modules into an individually tailored whole. 

There are many IoT service providers who are active on the market - but most of them can only demonstrate good know-how in a specific sub-area. However, only ROBIOTIC is the only provider who, based on its experience, has mastered the entire IoT process chain and knows which aspects have to be considered when developing interfaces for seamless integration: For each IoT project, ROBIOTIC identifies the individually suitable synthesis of hardware, software and services - from a single source. 

ROBIOTIC fully relies on the proven standards of established partners to develop meaningful solutions that are fully scalable. Thus, ROBIOTIC can implement IoT projects of any size - with the help of a global network that provides flexible, fast access to the know-how of a large number of IoT experts.

ROBIOTIC knows the challenges and the important questions:

  • How sure do I get what I want?

  • When do results come?

  • What do I have to invest?

A unique know-how that is not least dependent on the experienced and successful founding companies, whose competencies complement each other ideally. That is why ROBIOTIC is the ideal choice for the implementation of IoT projects and for the moderation of this improvement process - and the only provider on the market that offers the best possible quality from a single source.

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