CEO Thomas Krekeler in portrait

Thomas Krekeler, CEO, ROBIOTIC

CEO Thomas Krekeler - networked and digital right from the start.

Some paths in life are quickly mapped out due to personal preferences. ROBIOTIC Managing Director/CEO Thomas Krekeler is the best example: The married father of three children is already interested in networked systems and digital technology at an early age. As a computer freak and C64/Amiga user of the first generation, he is the one who sets up networks in flat-sharing communities very early on and then "gambles" together with others or against each other. Krekeler has been an AOL customer since the very beginning and since then has found "everything that somehow had to do with the Internet and digital technology exciting". Nevertheless he doesn't forget to think outside the box, likes to travel, is still a big supporter of the soccer club Borussia Mönchengladbach, tries his hand at piano and guitar, DJs and also loves to attend live concerts.

Sales talent with a pronounced technical affinity and diverse interests: music, sports, family, networked systems and digital technology

In the 90s, he began his studies at the University of Paderborn in the field of industrial engineering, specialising in mechanical engineering. Krekeler becomes a partner and managing director of Funke Service Group GmbH, which provides IT services for Lufthansa Systems, among others: the first step into the professional world. Here he is responsible for the introduction of new software and hardware products, rollouts, etc. At the same time, his interest in sales activities increases, which proves to be absolutely the right development due to his very communicative personality: Thomas Krekeler turns out to be a sales talent with a pronounced technical affinity and becomes branch manager of DONE Technology GmbH. In 2005 he changes to 6PAC Consulting AG as responsible for Sales/Service Management and joins the Supervisory Board of TK-World AG as a member. 

2008: Joined Hoffmann + Krippner - know-how for electronic products and sensor technology

Another important step in 2008: Krekeler takes over the position of Head of Sales & Marketing at Hoffmann+Krippner GmbH and becomes a member of the management board. From now on he successively expands his know-how in the field of electronic products and sensor technology. In 2011 he will assume responsibility as CEO Operations & Finance at Hoffmann +Krippner Inc. With this background, the road to the ROBIOTIC business as an IoT service provider is not far off - this is where the interests and competencies are bundled: Thomas Krekeler takes over the position of CEO in 2017 after the foundation of ROBIOTIC GmbH.

2017:  CEO at ROBIOTIC - competences are bundled

"From my point of view, a very important point is that the entrepreneurial personalities of the upper management team at ROBIOTIC have known each other for decades and have worked together for just as long in trust," Krekeler reveals one of the secrets to the success of ROBIOTIC. The aim of founding the company was to use ROBIOTIC to implement the good, IoT-relevant topics and business ideas of many companies and take them to a new level: From the creation of a business model to the implementation of sensor technology, software and hardware to payment and employee training.

Goal with ROBIOTIC: Positioning as a comprehensive, global IoT service provider with accompanying market leadership

With ROBIOTIC, Thomas Krekeler wants to position himself at the forefront as an IoT service provider right from the start: "The market in which we operate is still quite young and clear, but just as promising. Due to the enormous global growth potential of the entire IoT topic, we expect that the demand for competent consultants and service providers for the comprehensive implementation of IoT projects will increase very quickly. And then ROBIOTIC wants to be directly involved: As an established, globally recognized partner for medium-sized customers as well as for the large platform providers such as Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, etc., ROBIOTIC is looking forward to working with you.

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