The ROBIOTIC.CONCEPT: From potential analysis to training of your employees

Are you looking for an integrated specialized partner for the realization of your IoT project?

Completely specialized - that's not possible? However, ROBIOTIC is currently the only provider that masters the complete IoT process chain:

Integrated specialist - that's not possible? However, ROBIOTIC is currently the only provider that masters the complete IoT process chain:

From the selection of suitable sensors for your IoT project, to secure data transfer to the cloud, intelligent analysis of the relevant data, drawing the right conclusions and implications and, last but not least, commercial exploitation of your data, because you also want to earn money. With ROBIOTIC you get everything from one source and don't have to coordinate many different service providers.



At the beginning of ROBIOTIC.CONCEPT there is the analysis

At ROBIOTIC there is no ready-made solution, but an individual potential analysis tailored to the needs of the company. In a workshop, ROBIOTIC develops a detailed structure together with the customer and specifically identifies the guidelines of the planned IoT project. In this way, we gain valuable insights leading to your new business case.

The ROBIOTIC Business Case summarizes the most important key data of the identified IoT project in condensed form. A real value proposition, based on valid data & facts including investment plan, cost overview and ROI calculation.

ROBIOTIC then implements the defined IoT project holistically. ROBIOTIC identifies the individually suitable synthesis of hardware, software and services, realizing the implementations for each individual component of the IoT process chain as well as the seamless integration into the customer's system landscape:

  • Sensors + IoT interfaces

  • Data transfer to the cloud

  • Software for data analysis

  • Adaptation of the software for the processes

  • Implementation of the billing model

  • Interfaces for connection to ERP/CRM

  • Safety concept

  • SIM card management

The holistic implementation of the IoT project also includes the fact that ROBIOTIC professionally and competently accompanies the change process with training courses. Step by step, employees are familiarized with the new systems, new graphical data views, analyses and processes. 

ROBIOTIC's aim is to support its customers throughout the entire project duration and beyond, if required - until the entire IoT process works smoothly and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

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