The people behind ROBIOTIC: a portrait of Andreas Krüger

Die Köpfe hinter ROBIOTIC: Andreas Krüger im Portrait

"Turn awesome product ideas into reality": This is the professional credo of Andreas Krüger, the next employee in our team portrait series: At ROBIOTIC, the software engineer is primarily concerned with the area of cloud engineering. "I am always curious to solve new challenges and to get to know new exciting technologies", the native East Westphalian describes his mindset, with which he has been linking the areas of IoT, Cloud, Web and IT Security for ROBIOTIC since June 2020. "We work together as a team to put the various products and projects of ROBIOTIC on a solid common infrastructure, which works well for all customers, is easy to maintain and last but not least is secure."

C64 and more - technological interest already at a young age

Even before joining ROBIOTIC as a freelancer, Andreas Krüger was already involved for a long time with the topics of content management systems, web, cloud and IoT - for example with an extensive IoT project for a large energy company on the subject of energy monitoring. "During the implementation of these various projects, I was able to gain experience as a developer in all the different software lifecycles: from the proof of concept phase to the rollout and active operation phase. I always found this whole journey totally exciting and this is exactly where I am employed at ROBIOTIC".

His Tekkie career already began in his youth with a Commodore 64 under the Christmas tree - at that time only as a user. "However, quite early on I asked myself the question how it all actually works. What exactly happens when you press a button and how can you teach the computer to behave the way you want it to?” With the first Windows system Andreas started the first experiments with simple programming languages. His know-how grew quickly: During his school days, he operated a web portal for his class - quasi his own small social network - and worked on other small projects for other clients. "This affinity for software technology just didn't let go of me." Andreas Krüger therefore decided very quickly to turn his passion into his profession. After graduating from high school, he starts studying computer science at the RWTH Aachen and successfully completes his studies in 2015 as a Master of Science. "I have fond memories of my time as a student. I met some really interesting people there at start-up events and founded a start-up in the private car sharing sector with them. To experience this whole development, from zero to one hundred - that was great!”


The way to ROBIOTIC - innovative IoT solutions in a team

The first contact to ROBIOTIC ran rather classically over a job advertisement with LinkedIn, remembers Krüger: "I then looked directly at the website and the complete ROBIOTIC vision convinced me directly. It's great to feel that at ROBIOTIC there is a kind of start-up mentality in a positive sense, but at the same time large, established companies are behind it and support it - that's totally valuable and in my opinion a really good combination. After I got to know some of the employees, it was clear: It fits. I like the atmosphere, the way everyone deals with each other and the innovative teamwork!”

The goal is clearly defined: To develop a common infrastructure that will prove its worth as a basis for current and future projects. "It is of course important that we can create customized solutions for customers, but at the same time, of course, this should happen quickly and, above all, be based on a solid foundation - and I take care of this foundation." When he's not working on this challenge, the young family man finds a good balance in nature when bouldering and cycling. 


The future: ROBIOTIC as technology driver

Andreas Krüger sees ROBIOTIC's future in an absolutely positive light: "I believe that the right vision is present in the ROBIOTIC company and that they take care of things and technological developments that others do not even have on their screens yet. IoT technologies in particular will develop rapidly and spread more and more. I am convinced that our everyday life in the future will be increasingly characterized by innovative technology – just to name the keyword digitalization. The most diverse devices will be equipped with more and more intelligence. In everyday life I keep noticing things that I think have IoT potential. And that's where you should be well positioned if you want to play a leading role as a service provider". 

From Krüger's point of view, ROBIOTIC is very well positioned to react to current technological developments, to realize suitable innovative products and services and thus to further advance these technologies. "ROBIOTIC definitely has what it takes to be a technology driver! I am particularly fascinated by the wealth of variants. I think it's great that you can develop different solutions for each IoT Use Case - that's what appeals to me.”

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