SpillGuard® connect: DENIOS and ROBIOTIC jointly develop revolutionary hazardous materials leakage warning system

 SpillGuard® connect: DENIOS and ROBIOTIC jointly develop revolutionary hazardous materials leakage warning system

Another perfect example of innovative IoT technology, powered by ROBIOTIC: Together with DENIOS AG, the global market leader in operational environmental protection and workplace safety, we have developed SpillGuard® connect. It’s the first warning system of its kind that is completely self-sufficient, functional at the push of a button, and can be used and retrofitted for any collection tray, regardless of type, and offers a significant increase in safety. Leakage of hazardous materials inside the collection tray is reliably detected and reported by the leakage sensor. The installation is completely uncomplicated: The SpillGuard® connect is simply placed in the collection tray and switched on.


SpillGuard® connect - digital leakage management

The SpillGuard® connect detector offers new advantages of a digital leakage management: Via web application, all SpillGuard® connect detectors can be centrally monitored and individual alarm messages can be configured, which are digitally transmitted to a previously defined contact person in case of leakage.



Advantages at a glance

  • Universal: Detection of leaks of all common liquid hazardous materials, retrofittable for any collection device - whether made of steel, stainless steel or plastic.

  • Self-sufficient system: No accessories, no system requirements necessary. The integrated lifetime battery always ensures reliable operation.

  • Trend-setting sensor technology: The intelligent, robust sensor technology in a highly resistant, electrically conductive housing guarantees simple and safe commissioning and use.

  • 24/7 monitoring: Additional safety is guaranteed, even outside the legally required inspection intervals.

  • Reliable warning signal: The SpillGuard® connect detects dangerous leaks even before you do. As soon as the sensitive sensor technology comes into contact with liquid, an acoustic and visual alarm is triggered for at least 24 hours.

  • Long-lasting: The integrated lifetime battery enables reliable operation over a long period of time. Thus, the system can remain in use for up to five years. A regular visual signal (red LED) indicates safe function throughout the entire service life.


SpillGuard® connect: Detect leaks faster

To prevent liquid hazardous materials from leaking into the ground, they are usually stored on a collection tray. However, spills are often not detected immediately. Such a leakage, which is not cleaned up immediately, harbors considerable hazard potential, among other things due to the possible formation of hazardous vapors. The SpillGuard® connect detects the leakage as soon as the system comes into contact with liquid: it issues a warning as quickly as possible, thus enabling the necessary measures to be initiated immediately.

The innovative SpillGuard® connect system was specially developed for safe and easy remote monitoring via Narrowband IoT. SpillGuard® connect sends leakage alerts via SMS and/or email to various devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs, even to multiple recipients at the same time, and also offers additional benefits:

  • Easy management via web interface and central status monitoring of the leak detector: display of ambient temperature and battery charge level. 

  • Report in pdf format to support proof of weekly monitoring, e.g. for an audit (StawaR/TRGS 510).

  • Leak detector unlimited scalable and can be used almost everywhere thanks to mobile NB IoT connection in each individual device.

  • Unlimited range thanks to fully decentralized and autonomous end devices.

  • No gateway, no local WLAN and no local power supply required.


veröffentlicht am : 2021-06-01 10:00