SmartCall – The intelligent beverage coaster

Intelligent beer mat - SmartCall

There's a lot going on at the end of November: ROBIOTIC is represented from 27.-29. November at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg and on November 28 + 29 at IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara, USA. Besides our ROBIOTIC.CONCEPT, the holistic approach of developing and implementing IoT projects, we present our SmartCall, the intelligent beverage coaster, which vividly represents only one of thousands IoT scenarios.

This smart beverage coaster recognizes how full the glass is, which is on it. This optimizes the workflows in restaurants and bars and saves customer long waiting times: The restaurant or bar service no longer has to realize that the guest has a wish, set off for the table, have a conversation, take the order, then pass them on to the counter, where it is processed and only then bring the fresh drink to the thirsty customer. In a crowded restaurant or bar this inevitably leads to long waiting times.

With SmartCall the counter staff automatically receives the information of the almost empty glass. So the many steps between the empty glass and the fresh drink can simply be skipped! Of course, it's not just the restaurant or bar that's enjoying this, but also the guest, which is enthusiastic about the fast operation. By the way: The orders that a guest has collected on his SmartCall can be settled easily and conveniently at the end of his visit.

With the HeliscanPlus barcode scanner another exciting IoT device is in focus. The 2D scanner not only recognizes barcodes, but also captures the current GPS position, which is transmitted directly to the cloud via mobile communications. A useful tool for logistics and data collection.

These two examples make it clear how IoT offers meaningful and applicable possibilities in practice. “We at ROBIOTIC can turn every idea around the topic IoT into reality. In a joint discussion with our customers, we find out how IoT-based technologies can be used in their business. On this basis we take care of the development and implementation of the idea as well as the transfer of the respective data into the cloud including Salesforce integration, marketing and billing model.”, says Florian Schwingenschloegl, ROBIOTIC Business Developer USA.

veröffentlicht am : 2018-11-29 12:59