ROSI – The ROBIOTIC Sensor Interface

The ROSI IoT-Box

ROSI, our ROBIOTIC-Sensor-Interface, is the hardware for the first two components, “Sensor & Devices” and “Data Connectivity”. 

The ROBIOTIC ROSI (ROBIOTIC-Sensor-Interface) is ideally suited for IoT applications.

The ROSI IoT-Box

With its stable and ruggedized case and IP65 protection class rating, it could be used as gateway for any kind of sensor in an industrial environment, such as fill level monitoring in vending machines (retrofit as well as newly designed), surveillance applications for flood protection, door contact detection in remote buildings, as a gateway from an internal bus system to the internet, or any other application.

As ROSI can be assembled with a variety of sensors or connections to different bus-systems, virtually any kind of information can be sent to a cloud service.

To define regular or event-triggered frequencies, ROSI is open for configurations either during production or even over-the-air while in the field. Even if no mobile internet is available, ROSI can receive and send SMS messages as a backup solution.

The ROBIOTIC Sensor Interface


Thanks to many years of experience and our partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we offer a mobile net with maximum possible coverage. With our modular Chipset, we are able to change net bands from 2G to 5G by just changing the modem on the PCB. ROSI can also be configured via SMS, as firmware updates can be performed over-the-air via mobile internet connection.

With its internal antenna, ROSI is able to work even as a stand-alone unit (in 2G or 3G versions). Optionally ROSI offers a variety of uFL ports for external devices as well as GPS antennas.

Payload Structure and Security

ROSI communicates with our proprietary cloud with its several unique identifiers, including MSN (Serial Number of the Device), Device ID, the unique identifiers of the modem (IMEI) as well as the applied SIM-card (ICCID, IMSI and MSISDN). The HSPP2 message protocol s also unique and adds another layer of security to our system; further. by converting HSPP2 to MQTT, a protocol specifically standardized for IoT communications, we can also forward the information generated by the sensor to any cloud distributor of the customer’s choice.

Usage of Battery

Optionally, ROSI can be assembled with a battery to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in cases that external power losses occur, or even for using ROSI as a stand-alone unit in inaccessible regions. Battery-life depends on the use-case as GPS-locating, transfer rates and net availability heavily influence battery capacity. 

Our technicians will be happy to help you with finding the right (rechargeable) battery for your application.

For detailed information please download our ROSI paper.

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