ROBIOTIC – Safety first for IoT projects

There is one topic that should be at the top of every decision-makers' agenda when implementing IoT projects: cybersecurity - a neuralgic point that cannot be taken seriously enough. For this reason, this point also has the highest priority at ROBIOTIC: Right from the start, when implementing an IoT project, we rely on a comprehensive concept for waterproof data protection.

A recent IoT study by the International Data Group IDG in cooperation with the German IT magazine ‘Computerwoche’ confirms this assessment: Despite the expected advantages for all companies surveyed, security concerns are among the major IoT challenges. In concrete terms, the following areas are at stake:

  • Possible DDoS or hacker attacks

  • Data Security / Disaster Recovery

  • Safety / operational safety

  • Industrial espionage

  • Compliance issues

  • Technical complexity

  • IT infrastructure / IT systems with obsolete operating systems without patch capability

  • Lack of network quality

IT Security - Safety first for all data

Against this background, the topic of (IT) security is the basic principle at ROBIOTIC above every action within an IoT project. The reason is obvious: If hackers penetrate the IoT environment, for example, the consequences are devastating and range from image damage to production downtimes and data loss. By using mobile communication technology for data transmission and our messaging servers, we are already contributing a high security standard and a very secure connection to the IoT project: This includes, for example, end-to-end encryption, separate storage of user and operating data, unique assignment of device IDs and much more. Based on this, ROBIOTIC installs additional, customer-specific security levels and security concepts according to the needs and requirements of the IoT scenario. 

Individual, detailed security concepts: an absolute must for every IoT project

Each IoT project is structured differently and has its own complexity, which must be taken into account during the planning phase. For this reason, it is simply essential to create an individual, detailed security concept for the respective customer and project requirements. ROBIOTIC does exactly that: The company develops a high security standard for each project that no other IoT service provider on the market offers in this quality. The basic requirement here is to eliminate potential dangers and points of attack as proactively as possible in advance. 

After the start of the IoT project, the focus will be on the following points, among others:

  • Automated commissioning / activation & decommissioning of all connected devices linked to the IoT scenario

  • Complete SIM card management as an integral part of the security concept

  • Deactivation/blocking of stolen devices

  • Generation of alarms for conspicuous user parameters and subsequent automatic device blocking

  • Reception and evaluation of data

  • Storage and processing of the collected IoT data in the cloud platforms of the globally active ROBIOTIC partners (Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Siemens, etc.)

  • Highest, guaranteed reliability

  • Remote triggering of states and processes in the device

  • Protection during the installation of new software for device management

  • Guaranteed data security and control

  • Hierarchy-based views of data and individually set rules

The functionality of the comprehensive security concept is constantly monitored: ROBIOTIC relies on a quality control system specifically tailored to the business case, security test scenarios, regular performance and interoperability tests as well as individual risk management.

Data protection according to GDPR

Continuous, professionally guaranteed data protection is a top priority at ROBIOTIC: At every step within the process chain of an IoT project, we guarantee complete compatibility with the requirements and standards of the applicable data protection ordinance. All documentation and information obligations stored in the GDPR are taken into account. Implementation is ensured not least by the constant exchange with experts and the regular review of the process steps by an independent data protection officer.

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