The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important global trends in the world of the digitally-influenced industry 4.0. But if IoT business models are to function reliably, they must be well designed and implemented. For this purpose we have developed ROBIOTIC.RICO, the intelligent software architecture for the analysis of IoT data. 

ROBIOTIC.RICO is the heart of our service: the ROBIOTIC IoT Core. This is where the actual intelligence is located within the IoT process chain. ROBIOTIC.RICO combines all our specific skills in one product: the intelligent, holistic, fast and secure preparation and analysis of previously collected data, no matter to what extent. No competitor can offer such a comprehensive core competence.

ROBIOTIC.RICO the processes

ROBIOTIC.RICO is an intelligent software architecture that processes all amounts of information quickly and securely in a three-part process. Sensor and machine data are stored centrally in the cloud, where they are available for further analysis and visualization.

Data preparation - import, filter and clean data

Data records are collected and imported and in the next step are intelligently stored, processed, filtered and evaluated. ROBIOTIC.RICO is the data pipeline in which the data is cleansed. This is the only way to add value and form the basis for new, disruptive business models - 'Big Data' becomes 'Smart Data'!

Data Analysis - Analyzing Data, Applying Rules, Drawing Conclusions

The analysis of the collected data focuses on the attributes speed, scalability, security and simple data management: ROBIOTIC.RICO uses the inexpensive data storage in the cloud and guarantees reliable cloud hosting according to the valid GDPR standards. A solution approach that is not proprietary, but based on proven standard web applications. We take care of the intelligent analysis of the data. Using an individual rules engine, we define specific processes, set rules and draw conclusions on how data can be condensed meaningfully. These rule definitions are stored, but can of course be adapted over the duration of the project if required. 

Trigger data and initiate processes

Based on the analyzed and processed data, ROBIOTIC.RICO draws consequences and implications and starts the software-based process optimization and task-related processing of all relevant data in the cloud. Different scenarios and the resulting process steps are defined for this purpose. Right from the start, the focus is on possible disruptive approaches that can specifically change an established business process and thus deliver decisive competitive advantages. The dashboard frontend provides optimized visualized information for this purpose: Command Buttons, Action Builder, Tickets, Channel Editor and Live Dashboard. ROBIOTIC.RICO provides drill-down capable, detailed and dynamic reports. 

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