ROBIOTIC Kickoff 2020

Team Meeting ROBIOTIC January 2020

These were two full days that perfectly captured the ambitious goals that ROBIOTIC GmbH has set itself: And not only for 2020, but directly for the coming decade. The entire team around CEO Thomas Krekeler had gathered at the Paderborn headquarters for the annual kick-off meeting to discuss the strategy and measures for the future. Several panels set the course to be perceived in the market not only as a start-up but more and more as a reliable, comprehensive IoT service provider in "digital business". In intensive discussions, the team was committed to the common goals.

CEO Thomas Krekeler presented a positive balance for 2019 and really whetted the appetite for 2020 and the future: "The milestones set in 2019 were important and have strengthened our motivation to approach all current and new IoT projects with even more passion. The 2020s will now be the ROBIOTIC decade: our service approach is right; the market is ready for our services and products, across all industries! Now it is important to focus sensibly and with the right manpower to increase market awareness disproportionately every year, to win new customers and to successfully implement ongoing projects.

We will keep you regularly informed about the activities of ROBIOTIC GmbH here in the blog. 


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