ROBIOTIC at the video shoot for the new Telekom campaign #NEUSTART

CEO ROBIOTIC, Thomas Krekeler, at the video shoot for the new Telekom campaign #NEUSTART

"X times more possibilities #NEUSTART" is the name of the new campaign of Deutsche Telekom, in which we, ROBIOTIC GmbH, as part of the Hoffmann + Krippner Group, present our SmartCall project in a short video.

It's time to look ahead again, to push digitalization and to make companies ready for future. In its new #NEUSTART campaign, Deutsche Telekom presents various projects in which it supports forward-looking solutions as a strong partner to small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the video, Susanne Brand (Deutsche Telekom), Thomas Krekeler (CEO ROBIOTIC), Ralf Krippner (CEO Hoffmann + Krippner) and the owner of the hotel "Reichsadler" in Buchen, Christian Reinhard, present how the innovative drink coaster works. They demonstrate the advantages of real-time interaction with consumers under the motto: "X times better service in a new start for the economy".

We can already show the first picture of the "making-of" at the Hoffman + Krippner GmbH headquarters in Buchen. In the near future the video itself will be published here:

We are curious.

veröffentlicht am : 2020-06-05 13:00