The people behind ROBIOTIC: a portrait of Holger Bültermann

ROBIOTIC Holger Bültermann

Welcome to the next episode in our portrait series: Holger Bültermann is one of the new people in the ROBIOTIC management team as Head of Business Development & Project Management. With his many years of varied professional experience, he will be an internal all-purpose weapon within the team, driving digitalization projects together with the customers and supervising the implementation of the respective projects. 


First steps in professional life and move to Munich

"My parents always wanted me to be a taxman. Fortunately, I was able to avert that", smiles Holger Bültermann as he thinks back to his start in working life. He then decides to go into publishing, which completely turns out to be his world: first he completes an apprenticeship as a publishing salesman in Bielefeld in East Westphalia at Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH and then works there as an advertising consultant. At the same time, he completes a junior management program. He moved to Axel Springer Verlag AG in Munich in 2001. "I worked at the BILD newspaper and actually wanted to leave there quickly.” Nevertheless, he stays there for a few years and develops a successful concept to better position the title. As a thank you, the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing BAW finances an evening course of study for a diploma in communications management, which Bültermann successfully completes in 2003.

Shortly thereafter he started his career at Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH. There he is responsible for various publishing titles as deputy advertising and marketing manager, key account manager and project manager. "At Süddeutscher Verlag I also met Christian Bachschmid for the first time, with whom I have never lost contact since then." In 2006 Bültermann took over the provisional publishing management of an advertising paper for one year and in the same year became project manager and assistant to the management at Münchner Wochenblatt Verlags- und Werbegesellschaft mbH. 2009 follows the project management for the relaunch of a cultural magazine. 


The way to ROBIOTIC

In 2012, the passionate sports fan switches to Merkur Kreativ Media GmbH of the Münchner Merkur/tz media group. There he will initially take over the management of regional online marketing, and one year later the project management of a job portal. In June 2016, his next professional station will be at GermanPersonnel e-search GmbH. Holger Bültermann is responsible for the management of the agency pergenta and the management of the business development agency pergenta. In 2019, the long-standing contact with Christian Bachschmid comes back into play: "Christian brought me to ROBIOTIC - as an all-purpose weapon in the field of business development and project management. He knows very well that this is my strength: During my time at Süddeutscher Verlag I have learned to familiarize myself with markets, industries and problem areas within a very short time and then to find solutions quickly and analytically with a "hands-on" mentality. I am now bringing these skills to ROBIOTIC."

Although Bültermann's professional roots lie in the fields of marketing and business administration, the topic of the Internet of Things fits his interests perfectly: "I have a small nerd heart and have always been interested in new technologies at an early age. I believe that IoT is the industry of the future and that we are only just beginning there. That's exactly what appeals to me: to start in a company in the early start-up stage with commitment, so that you can still do a lot yourself".


Implementation of IoT projects as long-term investment

At ROBIOTIC Bültermann is responsible for the management of the Business Development department. This is a demanding position, which for him has the character of a consultant in many respects: Together with customers, one approaches the planned digitalization projects and thinks them through in a sustainable manner. "Above all, we also show possibilities how investments in an IoT project can pay off in the long term and how you can earn real money with it.” In addition, there is the complete project management: Developing ideas together with customers, forming teams, bringing the appropriate experts on board, creating the roadmap for the project and thus tackling implementation in a targeted manner.

Complexity and speed: ROBIOTIC's unique selling points as an IoT service provider

The experienced manager is convinced that ROBIOTIC has a massive advantage over the competition: "In case of doubt we can offer the customer everything. We can develop hardware and create software, we have access to data scientists for handling big data, we map artificial intelligence and machine learning and implement innovative methods such as micropayment - in this way we cover the entire value-added chain! And we are thus prepared for almost any problem in connection with individual IoT projects.”

Due to the complexity of the IoT topic, Bültermann also sees the customers of ROBIOTIC as partners to whom one can assure: "Yes, we can also handle complexity and speed in the implementation of your IoT and digitization projects! And we are also happy to provide you with competent support in the follow-up of a completed project in the areas of billing, data hosting, preparation of analyses and much more. There is a lot of additional potential in ROBIOTIC!”

Private: Sport as an inspiration for the job

Privately, the native East Westphalian is interested in various sports activities, literature and music. Judo is a sport that particularly appeals to him: he has been involved in this sport for over 25 years as a volunteer trainer, club director and social media representative. In his youth, Bültermann was a member of the extended squad of the German national judo team and built the first websites for this team very early in the 1990s. "In competitive sports I was able to learn important lessons for life. The most important insight was: I didn't become so good at judo because I always won, but because I lost often enough. The important things are the defeats and setbacks you experience and how you deal with them. To learn from them and to get your head back in line with your body as well as your mind - these experiences help a lot in your professional life.” As a trainer in the judo field, Bültermann has to deal with the most diverse mentalities, which he knows how to motivate individually to get the best out of you. "In the same way that a manager in the business world does with his employees to achieve the best performance. That's why I'm sure: I've taken a lot of valuable things from all positions in my career to date and I wouldn't want to miss a single one."

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