Connectivity is king: One of the most important factors for the functionality of the Internet of Things is connectivity. Will my IoT project be a success? The positive answer to this question depends crucially on the reliable transmission of the data collected and the amount of information collected. The globally established mobile communication technology has established itself here as a secure transmission medium. ROBIOTIC also relies entirely on mobile communication-based data communication - based on an intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) SIM card management with transparent, smoothly functioning and secure processes: We deliver the complete service around the rollout and operation of M2M SIM cards in IoT projects.

"Safety First" for collected customer data

The existing security standard is already enormously high when mobile communication technology is used: a connection that cannot be attacked from outside is established via established networks. "Plug'n Play" guarantees the secure transmission of data from a wide variety of IoT devices, which can be globally distributed at a wide variety of locations. Encryption algorithms integrated as standard already cover all required security aspects. Furthermore, the mobile communication technology is fully compatible with the future-oriented network standard NB IoT (Narrow Band IoT). 

20 years of experience in mobile communications

When it comes to M2M SIM card management, ROBIOTIC can rely not least on the many years of experience of its partner company TK-World AG: The company is co-founder of the joint venture ROBIOTIC and not only knows the market very well - it has helped to shape it. TK-World AG has revolutionized the digital marketing of tariffs and connections for the major telephone providers and has been a partner of Deutsche Telekom and virtually all other major global players in the market for 20 years. Design, implementation and invoicing of the marketing processes for all telecommunications products via web interfaces and API programming to the databases of the customer systems - over 45 employees take care of the entire range of services. For TK-World AG, the much-quoted digital transformation is not new territory, but has long been the daily business.

For the implementation of all IoT projects, ROBIOTIC relies on this know-how, which has grown over decades, and the existing business contacts. All ROBIOTIC customers thus benefit from long-standing partnerships with global players and the associated exclusive conditions: Access to attractive tariffs and roll-outs, fraud detection & protection and cloud-based data storage, supplemented by uncomplicated integration of any software via APIs and problem-free rights management. There is no need for time-consuming installation and maintenance of additional hardware on site. 

M2M SIM card management from a single source

Due to the use of non-local, globally applicable mobile communication technology for data transmission, contractual agreements, a significant amount of M2M SIM cards depending on the project and regular billing play an important role. Here, ROBIOTIC relies on a holistic approach that includes the complete administration and billing of the SIM cards including the calculation of fees to internal cost centers or to customers and third parties. 

Complete logistics, secure implementation and reliable SIM card handling

ROBIOTIC also takes over the complete logistics for its customers within the scope of the respective IoT project: storage, quality and quantity control, picking, packaging, delivery, returns processing and comprehensive reporting - an efficient distribution chain and reliable, delay-free dispatch processing. Based on the use case and taking into account the appropriate M2M platforms, an individually adapted M2M SIM card management process is set up that guarantees the secure implementation of the required SIM cards. Interface analyses, support, analysis and processing of incidents including ticket system, continuous optimization of ongoing operations: integrated service management ensures smooth operations. Integrated SIM card handling, anyone? Of course! ROBIOTIC takes care of the complete tracking of all serial numbers including serial number validation. Standard handling also includes activation of the SIM card and replacement if necessary.

Comprehensive and transparent billing model

ROBIOTIC's comprehensive M2M SIM card management also enables transparent, detailed and comprehensive billing of IoT services, for example to end customers. It is completely scalable and independent of the type of billing, be it daily, monthly, usage-based or event-based. For each project, a multi-level and dynamically configurable billing system is developed that can be adapted to the company's internal sales structures. Depending on requirements, any number of devices can be assigned to different regions, different recipient groups can be formed, scales and credit notes can be integrated and collective invoices can be created. All this ensures a clear and reliable allocation of revenues for all business partners involved: service providers, dealers, end customers, etc. A special know-how of ROBIOTIC in this context is the integration of micropayment: payment processes that run automatically and are silently mapped into the customer's accounting system. This means that even the smallest amounts can be billed without burdening internal structures.

Data transmission with the ROBIOTIC Sensor Interface ROSI: the ideal hardware for IoT applications

A powerful IoT gateway system is the ideal complement to reliable M2M SIM card management. ROSI, the sensor interface developed by ROBIOTIC, is a hardware specially designed for IoT applications to meet the demanding requirements of the two areas "sensor technology" and "data transmission". ROSI functions as a battery-powered or continuously powered IoT gateway system and communicates with the proprietary cloud via an integrated modem equipped with an M2M SIM card. With a stable and robust housing, designed according to the IP65 standard, ROSI can be used as a gateway for any type of sensor in industrial environments: e.g. for level monitoring in vending machines, for monitoring applications in flood protection, for door contact detection in remote buildings, as a gateway from an internal bus system to the Internet or for any other application - there are no limits to the variety. ROSI can be equipped with a variety of sensors or connections to different bus systems that can send virtually any type of information to the cloud service. 

M2M SIM card management by ROBIOTIC - optimal basis for successful IoT projects and the future of the industry 4.0

ROBIOTIC's intelligent M2M SIM card management is an important building block on the way to a successful IoT project. If you master the complex interaction of the different components, the IoT devices and gateways, you create the ideal basis for functioning connectivity and reliable data transmission. And it ensures that its customers benefit from all the advantages:

- Individual control of the M2M connectivity of all SIM cards used in the IoT project

- Global availability and secure data transmission in real time - at home and abroad, with maximum network security

- Optimum network coverage and accessibility of machines and equipment

- Flexible tariff models and comprehensive billing functions

- Optimal, transparent cost control through clear reporting functions

- Reliable control and management of all networked machines and devices

- Integration of SIM cards into own systems via API interfaces