IoT in companies: an unstoppable future trend

56 % of the companies  evaluate the relevance of IoT  as very high and high

"More projects, a higher success rate and faster added value - the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining importance and maturity in German companies".

Digitization as a crisis saver was the focus this year, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Due to the lockdown and the economic downturn as a result of the pandemic, many companies have realigned their digitization strategy. We have already reported on this in our blog article "Better through crises thanks to digitization". Now 97 percent of companies see digitization as an opportunity for their own company - according to a recent study by the digital association Bitkom (Bitcom Study).

According to the study "Internet of Things 2019/2020" by COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO, TecChannel and ChannelPartner, the relevance of IoT in companies has already increased in 2019. The number of companies that IoT considers relevant rose from 51 to 56 percent compared to the previous year, 49 percent of companies have implemented IoT projects, 5 percent more than a year ago. IoT solutions were most frequently used to improve quality control. But IoT applications were also preferred in logistics, building management and predictive maintenance. According to the study, however, the future development of IoT applications in companies looks different. The future IoT projects are divided equally between the former frontrunners in quality control, logistics and predictive maintenance.

Even though the number of actual investments in IoT projects is increasing relatively slowly, the interest of companies is very high. 77 percent of companies intend to invest in IoT projects in the future. According to the study results, technologies such as block chain, artificial intelligence and robotics are of particular interest to companies. 

Security Concerns are the most common reason against implementation of iot solutions


Security concerns are the most common reason against implementing IoT solutions

But what's stopping companies from investing in IoT projects, especially in the age of digitalization? In addition to the many benefits that IoT applications bring to companies, such as increased productivity, cost reduction, rising revenues, reduced downtime and higher utilization, 37 percent of the companies surveyed also see these as a threat due to the increasing networking of devices and production, according to the study. Concerns include hacker attacks, industrial espionage or legal problems. In the worst case, an attack on an IoT network can, in the worst case, shut down the entire production and, depending on the application, have even more far-reaching consequences. Data protection concerns are therefore an even greater obstacle for companies than too low a budget or a lack of specialists to actually invest in IoT. According to the latest Bitkom survey, this has not changed this year either: 69 percent of companies see data protection, technical security requirements (58 percent) and a lack of skilled workers (55 percent) as the biggest hurdles to digitization. For better protection of systems and data, a quarter of the companies rely on solutions for automated detection of cybersecurity vulnerabilities or risks - especially large companies with an annual IT budget of more than ten million euros (52 percent). Almost 50 percent of the companies surveyed are currently examining the use of automated security solutions in the IoT environment, 15 percent of the companies are interested in this.

Since data protection and IoT go hand in hand, cyber security is also a central topic at ROBIOTIC. Our Chief Technical/Digital Officer Ovidiu Ursachi is our expert in this area. If you would like to learn more about this topic, ROBIOTIC offers an exciting webinar on Wednesday, November 25, from 16:00 - 17:00 on the topic "Cybersecurity in the Cloud". Click here for free registration:


Greater and faster success of IoT projects in companies

If the acceptance of some companies to actually invest in IoT projects is still low, 93 percent of those companies that have already implemented IoT applications are satisfied or very satisfied with the results. The successes are greater and came faster - in 24 percent of the companies with an IT budget of over ten million euros, they came immediately. Only one percent of IoT projects have failed. According to the study, the success of IoT projects is measured by higher productivity (55 percent), cost reduction (46 percent) and increasing revenues (41 percent). The main benefits for companies are reduced downtime, higher capacity utilization, a faster ROI, improved image values and a higher degree of innovation.



Focus fpr IoT solutions is on external partners with a good price-performance ratio


Focus for IoT solutions is on external partners with a good price-performance ratio 

When companies decide to invest in an IoT project, the most important factor this year and the previous year, with 24 percent, is the performance that companies receive for the award, followed by trust (23 percent) and technological know-how (22 percent). However, the study also shows that a transparent pricing structure, good cooperation with another IT project and fixed contact persons play a central role in the selection of an IoT provider. And this is exactly where ROBIOTIC comes in. With ROBIOTIC.CONCEPT, we can take care of your IoT project, from the potential analysis to the training of your employees. ROBIOTIC analyzes, advises, supplies, develops and implements your IoT environment in its entirety. We accompany your project throughout its entire duration. Your personal contact person will be at your side for the entire duration of the project so that the full potential of your IoT project can be realized together.



IoT applications: future trend in almost all industries


IoT applications: Future trend in almost all industries

However, the study not only provides insights into current developments in the field of IoT, but also illustrates how versatile IoT solutions can be used in companies in a wide range of industries. When IoT solutions are discussed, this is usually associated with machines or production facilities in the industry. However, IoT can be found in almost all industries: Agriculture and forestry, fishing, mining, energy and water supply, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, medical and laboratory technology or even transport, logistics and traffic. 

The latter in particular is becoming increasingly dependent on new technologies due to the increasingly global and highly optimized camouflage transport chains coupled with just-in-time production, which requires goods to be delivered on time and in line with demand. The study presents a case study in which IoT solutions for GPS tracking are used in the field of freight transport. This enables companies to determine the exact position of the wagons. Even the crossing of national borders or the exit from a railroad station can be monitored. The freight transport company thus knows in real time where the wagons are located, which routes can be optimized and where there is potential for savings for its customers. The customer can be informed about delays within minutes. An added value in all areas. 



ROBIOTIC is the partner for your digitization project



ROBIOTIC: The partner for your digitization project - from sensor to payment

ROBIOTIC also offers solutions for every industry and every idea. Together with you we plan your digitization project. We consult, design, implement and operate business models and deliver added value from data and automated processes.

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We recommend all interested parties to take a look at the study "Study Internet of Things 2019/2020" by COMPUTERWOCHE, CIO, TecChannel and ChannelPartner, to which the contents of this blog post refer.


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