The next stage of digitalization: IoT Ecosystems as a guarantee of success

Die nächste Stufe der Digitalisierung

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the top of companies' digitalization agenda. The results of the current study "Successful Business Models with IoT Platforms and Eco Systems" by the IT research company Crisp Research provide impressive evidence of this megatrend: 94% of all companies surveyed are already working with IoT or are planning to do so. More than half of them see the Internet of Things as the essential basis for new networked products and data-based business models. 80% of the respondents even stated that they are already part of a digital ecosystem or that they are currently building their own network. All have a common goal: to take advantage of the Internet of Things. By 2020, more than 40 percent of German companies would like to generate 11 to 20 percent of their sales with IoT-based business models, 17 percent of respondents even more.

IoT Ecosystem for Companies

ROBIOTIC is part of the IoT Ecosystem solution of our partner Janz Tec AG, the sustainable answer to the rapidly increasing new requirements of a digitalized world: Modular IoT solutions, which support individual and demand-oriented. The customer has the idea - ROBIOTIC and its partners ensure that the project is implemented in a safe and tailor-made manner and thus make the project a success. We put together an optimal combination of hardware, software and security components for this purpose - for individually adapted, secure solutions to support industrial digitization processes.

No matter which special IoT mix companies rely on in the future, the comprehensive know-how of the ROBIOTIC network provides decisive impulses and improvements in business processes:

  • Integrated IoT solutions and services from a single source

  • Secure data handling and concrete concepts against loss of production

  • Significant increases in efficiency

  • Reliable integration into existing system landscapes

Pure digitalization: The innovative factory in the age of industry 4.0

With its complete network of experts, ROBIOTIC offers holistic know-how as part of an IoT ecosystem: solutions for the innovative factory in the age of the digital industry 4.0 - from the recording and processing of data to the transfer into the cloud. The demand is immense: We are facing a change that will transform complete business processes. Flexibility, individual production and logistics are the indispensable prerequisites for remaining competitive in the future. Both large and small companies face new challenges. Against this background, ROBIOTIC develops holistic solutions for the digital transformation of a globally networked industry 4.0, which decisively advance the future of work. "Smart Factory" is a decisive keyword here: IoT-driven, intelligent thought-provoking impulses and practical implementations for the innovative, digital factory.

Example Predictive Maintenance: The modern production facilities of the future are networked into a self-learning system with the aid of state-of-the-art communication technology - an intelligent factory that, for example, triggers maintenance activities independently when required. The basis for this modern industrial revolution is the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables continuous data exchange between all components. And this is where we come into play: ROBIOTIC is the only supplier in the market that, thanks to its experience, has complete control over the entire IoT process chain. We know which aspects have to be considered when developing interfaces for seamless integration and identify the individually suitable synthesis of hardware, software and services for each IoT project - from a single source.

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