Factory Edge - the future of the automotive industry

Factory Edge: The basis for innovative IoT scenarios within the automotive industry.

We have already written about the increasing importance of edge computing in this blog. Edge computing also plays a decisive role for the future of the automotive industry, especially in the form of the factory edge: This approach focuses specifically on the optimization of manufacturing and logistics processes and the implementation of innovative IoT scenarios. We present possible application scenarios in this blog article.


Industry 4.0 & Factory Edge: Application scenarios for the automotive industry

Edge computing refers to the ability to provide computing resources remotely from central data centers. This is possible, for example, directly at a device such as a robot on the factory floor or in a vehicle. There are several advantages associated with this: Data is already consolidated on site before it is transferred to a data center. This significantly reduces the amount of data to be transferred. In addition, decisions can be made on site - with the least possible delay. So you pretty much free yourself from previously existing dependencies on high-bandwidth network connections and from latency problems.

The goal of the automotive industry in digital Industry 4.0 is the modernization of production processes and the parallel transition from rigid mass production to fast, efficient and customized manufacturing. This is being realized with various measures: Increasing automation in the areas of logistics and assembly, smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence - all these approaches increase the degree of agility of production facilities, but also bring with them the need and challenge of having to analyze extensive amounts of data quickly. And this has to be done directly at the production line, at the so-called "factory edge".

How do you solve this challenge? With effective networking of IT with the plants and control systems, and thus with stronger networking of production and logistics. Typical factory edge application scenarios in this context are:

  • Asset Management

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Visual inspection & quality control during production

  • End-to-end traceability

  • Data collection throughout the supply chain

  • Digital production planning

  • Possible make-to-order production

  • Data sharing services


Factory Edge: Basis for innovative IoT scenarios in the automotive industry

According to many experts, the future of the automotive industry definitely lies in digitally linking production and supply chains. This is a development that will have a significant impact on the entire value chain of manufacturers and also the supplier industry: from research & development to sales to production and the entire after-sales area. A crucial component for the implementation and success of these changes is Factory Edge as the basis for innovative IoT scenarios in the automotive industry. A technology that makes efficient, intelligent business processes possible and thus paves the way for smart vehicles. 


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