Dreamforce 2019 revisited: Three key messages

ROBIOTIC at Salesforce Dreamforce 2019

Once again, Salesforce Dreamforce turned out to be one of the most trend-setting tech events of the year. For those that were not able to be part of Dreamforce 19 in person, here are the three key messages that stood out to us:


ROBIOTIC at Salesforce Dreamforce 2019

Tableau adds flexibility in big data visualization

As an IoT partner, we have been especially excited about this addition to the Salesforce platform. The already very elaborated Tableau solution will be available to customers as an add-on license for data analysts and business users. The possibilities in terms of data visualization and reporting of very large data in real time will expand the footprint of Salesforce and help us on our mission to deliver IoT solutions based on the enterprise software packages. 


ROBIOTIC at Salesforce Dreamforce 2019

Mulesoft integration into the Salesforce universe

“We saw it on YouTube with videos. We saw it with Facebook as far as postings go. Every time you make it really easy to produce and consume and discover, the network effect kicks in and you get a tremendous amount of value generation,” Uri Sarid, CTO of Mulesoft, told ZDNet. The Mulesoft announcement to create plug and play API options for the Salesforce platform could make a big impact for us and our customers. Developers work within tools like Flow Designer to create and replicate APIs between systems and things. It will be easier than ever to connect data streams and sources to unify your data on one single platform – or as Salesforce would put it, one single source of truth (SSOT). 


ROBIOTIC at Salesforce Dreamforce 2019

Listen, listen, listen

Even though it is nothing new to us and our customer representative teams, this key skill is still worth mentioning in this context. The examples above pretty much showcase Salesforce´s motivation to listen to the customer and ecosystem to ultimately be able to develop and deliver the right product in the future. Only if we understand where our industry leaders and decision makers see themselves and their companies in two, three or five years from now on, we can be contributing to the growth and success they would like to accomplish and serve as a trusted partner.


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