ROBIOTIC at Salesforce Dreamforce

Once a year, Salesforce invites you to its own trade show, Dreamforce, which is part of the world's largest software conference. A total of 171,000 registered participants from 83 countries and 10 million viewers who followed the event online speak for themselves. As Salesforce customer, partner and "trailblazer" in spirit, we were there with the entire ROBIOTIC team.

Trailblazer - this is how Salesforce describes people and companies that are burning to break new ground and drive innovation. Here we feel that ROBIOTIC is the right choice for us! Thomas Krekeler, CEO of ROBIOTIC, about the Dreamforce: "We are here above all to feel the spirit of innovation". This spirit of pushing ahead with something new comes especially from Silicon Valley, from which a lot can still be learned in Germany. As part of the "Innovation Tour", Salesforce Germany offered companies the opportunity to be inspired by the current trends in Silicon Valley.

We are taking this spirit of innovation back to Germany around Dreamforce 2018 and using it to bring ROBIOTIC further forward.

veröffentlicht am : 2018-10-01 20:57