Portrait of Managing Partner Dietmar Meding:

Dietmar Meding, Managing Partner, ROBIOTIC

Organizational talent with a feel for the right strategy

If there is one fundamental constant in Dietmar Meding's professional career to date, it is the talent and sense to set things and undertakings in motion: Building organizations has always fascinated the consultant and software entrepreneur. In the meantime, he can look back on decades of experience as a manager in top positions and is happy to make his experience available - especially to start-up companies that are in the process of developing their strategy and establishing themselves in the market.


"I've always enjoyed building organizations and breaking new ground with the teams - I really enjoy it," says Meding. "To form something new from many different components, to give it a functioning, promising structure and a sustainable strategic foundation is a task that always challenges and motivates me in equal measure". 

Dietmar Meding an den Drums

Authenticity and Creativity: Private Interests as Inspiration for Professional Activities 

The married father of three children likes to draw his energy from family life and finds inspiration and relaxation in his activities in addition to his professional everyday life. Since his youth the Funk & Soul lover has been playing drums on a professional level. "Playing in a good band can be very nicely compared to working successfully in a company", Meding makes clear and explains: "From my point of view, an organisation is always optimally set up if it consists of very different types that harmonise with each other in their heterogeneity. Then also impressive improvisations and free development of individual creativity are possible, without losing the red thread and the basic structure." 


It fits in with this attitude that Meding prefers to work with people who are 'real' and creative and who bring their own convincing personality to bear. In the course of his career he has met many of them: He graduated from the University of Paderborn in the early 90s with a degree in physics. There he met the current ROBIOTIC CEO Thomas Krekeler: A personal connection that has lasted privately and professionally to this day. He started his professional career in 1993 as sales manager at CONNEXT Communication GmbH. His next position was Regional Director at PTC GmbH before moving to Consul Risk Management GmbH as Managing Director in 2001. In 2003 Dietmar Meding became VP Sales & Marketing at Parsytec AG, at the same time he was the owner of es-Sense Unternehmensberatung. In 2005, he returned to PTC GmbH as Sales Director before joining SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG in 2008. As top manager, Meding will assume the position of Vice President Cloud Solutions, first for the DACH region, then for the EMEA region. At Reply AG, he will become Managing Director in 2013 and will set up the company InEssence Reply for the Reply Group, which offers consulting services for enterprise cloud solutions. Since 2018 he has been Managing Partner Alliance & Partnerships at Reply. After the foundation of ROBIOTIC GmbH, CEO Thomas Krekeler brings him on board as partner and managing partner.


ROBIOTIC Business Development: Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Digitalization

As Managing Partner, Dietmar Meding is responsible for Business Development at ROBIOTIC. His focus in the rapid times of digital change is especially on the strategic expansion of the ROBIOTIC business idea: analysis of global market developments, digital trends and associated customer needs. Meding is convinced that a company must always view its products and services from the customer's perspective. This important basic principle makes companies really successful: "Our customers, both existing and potential, feel that a huge wave of technology is rolling towards us through digitization, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Everyone knows this, everyone feels it, but most companies don't really know how to deal with it. As 'technology and service orchestrators', we therefore offer them considerable added value when we as ROBIOTIC think from the customer's point of view, when we put together all the disciplines for a successful IoT project: Hardware, software and services. In all these segments, we rely on our own considerable know-how".


Meding emphasizes that in the beginning you usually don't immediately know what the customer needs. These findings are developed together during the project in an ongoing process that begins with a workshop. ROBIOTIC assumes the role of moderator: "This approach represents a considerable achievement for the customer, if you approach it with the right humility, but also with the right self-confidence. The big challenge here is the right perspective: it's not about 'We say what you need'. It's about 'We want to develop your IoT business model and implementation together, we orchestrate it for you'". ROBIOTIC's goal is to implement exactly this approach for every customer in reality - and to be highly scalable for every conceivable type of application. A vision with which ROBIOTIC is on the verge of considerable growth in the next five years.


Individual IoT customer solutions take business to the next level

Of course, ROBIOTIC also has standard products and standard solutions in its portfolio, such as the IoT data analysis tool / cloud platform ROBIOTIC.RICO or our hardware component ROSI (ROBIOTIC Sensor Interface), which was specially developed for IoT applications. The entire ROBIOTIC.CONCEPT is also modular, from potential analysis to employee training. ROBIOTIC then adapts all these modules to the needs of the respective customer.


Dietmar Meding is firmly convinced that the best solution can only be created in any case in cooperation with the customer: "We don't dictate anything to our customers, we support them with their individual IoT solution. We coordinate the individual components with each other and take our customers by the hand. Right from the start, we also rely on their know-how: Only in this way can we understand the individual industries correctly and provide the best possible solution". Meding emphasizes that in the course of the project, the company also wants to "pester the customer constructively" if necessary and lure him out of his comfort zone: "Depending on the project, a controversial but at the same time constructive discussion can also unleash undreamt-of potential. It is precisely this high standard that characterises our way of working: Not routine, but innovation! This is the only way we can use disruptive IoT solutions to not only secure our customers' business - we can take it to the next, forward-looking level for them!

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