Portrait of CFO Christian Bachschmid

Christian Bachschmid, CFO ROBIOTIC

A high affinity for technology, a preference for working and functioning communication in a team with the right people and an unerring sense for a meaningful structure: these things form the most important basic constants in the life of the Allgäu(Germany)-born Christian Bachschmid. Everything begins as with many technology freaks in his early years, when he grew up with the first computers "Commodore C64", "Apple II" and "80286". The now 44 year old family father not only has a lot of fun with one or the other adventure game, he also starts his first programming steps with "BASIC", uses the computers for word processing and designs the layout of the school newspaper with them. At the same time, he provides the right sound for the school band at the mixing desk and shortly afterwards, as an intern at a local radio station, he gains his first experience behind the microphone. In addition to his constant curiosity about everything technical, the nature lover, who is close to his home country, loves to travel outdoors, does a lot with families and friends and is interested in cinema, classical music and culture in general.


Christian Bachschmid studied politics and communication sciences at the University of Augsburg, Germany, in the 1990s and completed editorial journalism training as a trainee at Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH in Munich, Germany. During his studies, he and his brother gained valuable experience as independent service providers and consultants in the IT field. At the age of 26, he took his first 'real' job as CIO (Chief Information Officer) of subsidiaries of Süddeutscher Verlag in Munich, where the renowned "Süddeutsche Zeitung" also appears. A mentor discovers and promotes Bachschmid's management talent: "As an IT specialist, you already know the whole shop inside and out, from A to Z. Now you are learning business administration and leadership and then the next career step can follow." Almost three years later, in 2003, Bachschmid became the youngest executive in the group and took over his first functions as operational managing director and in the investment management of various subsidiaries. He has worked in this position for 15 years, mastering industry crises and changes that are essentially attributable to digital change. At the same time, Christian Bachschmid has been a member of Deutsche Telekom's Business Customer Advisory Board for many years.


In 2018, he will have the opportunity to move from the now sluggish and old-fashioned newspaper industry to the forefront of digitization and enter the "Internet of Things", IoT: Bachschmid doesn't have to think long before the existing ROBIOTIC management team offers to come on board. "Every day I'm thrilled anew how exciting the IoT topic is". In his position as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at ROBIOTIC, Christian Bachschmid is classically responsible for the areas of finance, human resources and law. His ancestry helps him a little: "The Allgäu region is to a large extent formally part of Bavarian Swabia - and there you are known to be frugal but not stingy. The Human Resources department is also very close to his heart: "I really enjoy approaching people in order to work with them and to support them in their professional development in a stimulating and challenging way. In my opinion, leadership, recruiting new colleagues and personnel development are among the most exciting tasks ever. Without intelligent, creative, collegial and humorous people, ROBIOTIC as a successful team is inconceivable! In addition to these tasks, Bachschmid uses his very large personal network to generate ideas and, last but not least, to acquire exciting projects and new customers. Depending on the project, he also brings in his experience in the field of product development: Here his enthusiasm for well-functioning technology is still at the ideal place!


For the future of ROBIOTIC GmbH, Christian Bachschmid has a very clear strategic direction in mind: "Our ROBIOTIC.Concept is definitely brilliant. Because we pick our customers up exactly where they stand - regardless of whether they are already digital or still 'old-fashioned' in analog fashion. First and foremost is understanding and listening. Already in the first workshop with the customer we develop together and with an enormous speed the first custom-made solutions." In addition, there is a clear focus on the economic potential: "Right from the start, we focus on the development of a concrete business case and on high profitability. Within the ROBIOTIC structure, we can always draw on the appropriate expertise for every step of the way to the finished solution. And all this through the very short official channels!”


Christian Bachschmid therefore sees working for and with ROBIOTIC as a huge opportunity to actively shape and drive global digital change: "Being at the forefront of a trend has the great attraction of being able to influence its direction. In the second half of my professional life, I would like to implement exactly this with ROBIOTIC and in this way set clear accents with regard to innovation and sustainability."

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