5G & IoT - Boost for Industry 4.0

5G & IoT - Boost for Industry 4.0

The new mobile communications standard 5G stands for high bandwidths, low latency and secure data. And it is regarded as a key technology for the digitalization of global Industry 4.0: In combination with intelligent IoT solutions, 5G provides a real boost for digital applications in a wide range of sectors. 


5G - a decisive contribution to digital transformation

75 percent of 1,000 executives surveyed from twelve countries are convinced that 5G will make a decisive contribution to the digital transformation of their companies by 2025: That is the result of a survey by the Capgemini Research Institute. For them, 5G is the second most important key factor, right behind cloud computing (84 percent) and ahead of automation (73 percent) and artificial intelligence (66 percent).

The reason for this clear result is obvious: 5G, as the upcoming mobile communications standard, guarantees smooth communication between 500 billion end devices in the Internet of Things. Current IoT applications run on 4G. With 5G, the future provides far faster transmissions, greater bandwidths, lower latency and greater data security. With this potential, the 5G standard will transform industry, products and applications: In digital Industry 4.0, factories will become intelligent, production plants and logistics more flexible, autonomous and efficient. 

The potential applications are already being tested and further developed in many projects: Autonomously driving cars are linked with traffic lights via sensors, which adapt their switching to the traffic and in this way avoid traffic jams. Robots, transport vehicles and machines are networked via sensors and autonomously transport goods to different locations on factory premises. New warehouse centers are created with the inclusion of building models via augmented reality technology. In container ports, networked sensors on ships collect environmental data from the port area in real time, while at the same time intelligent traffic lights flexibly control their switching. IoT solutions of this kind are also being discussed for use in universities, hospitals, etc. So the fact is: 5G will change our everyday lives and value creation in companies.


5G & IoT & Industry 4.0 - a new application quality

Companies in Industrie 4.0 depend on constantly optimizing their processes and driving them forward innovatively. This is the only way they can remain competitive in the digital age. The indispensable prerequisite for significant increases in efficiency within industrial value creation is comprehensive wireless networking of production, maintenance and logistics. 5G makes this possible: through reliable, high-performance broadband transmission and low latency times. The interaction of 5G and intelligent IoT solutions leads to disruptive new applications that promise significant economic potential in many areas:

  • Autonomous logistics: Reliable data transmission combined with low latency enables the smooth deployment of driverless transport systems - Automated Guided Vehicles - in logistics.

  • Assisted work: Sufficient bandwidth for the rapid transmission of large volumes of data enables industrial augmented reality applications such as the support of service technicians with additional audio-visual information for maintenance and services - keyword predictive maintenance.

  • Mobile equipment: 5G provides the right connectivity for communication-capable plant components and mobile devices such as tablets, field PGs, RFID scanners etc.

  • Industrial Edge: Reliable connectivity and high bandwidths are essential for smooth data exchange between edge devices and the cloud: 5G guarantees exactly this. 

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